THE RUB: Manuel Reyes, Santiago Rodriguez

Duration: 21:10 Views: 8.3K Submitted: 1 year ago Year: 2020
Description: Manuel Reyes and Santiago Rodriguez have an underwear fetish, like most of you out there. Today they are meeting up to show each other their latest finds. Of course, you cannot show off your new underwear without showing off your fully loaded package. The fashion show quickly draws to a close as the focus turns to what is burgeoning within those sexy, new underwear. Manuel grabs hold of Santiago’s swelling cock and begins sucking, feeling it grow to full perfection within his mouth and throat. After raising Santiago’s cock to its full girth and length, Manuel climbs atop Santiago and begins feeding him his throbbing cock. Santiago’s magical mouth has Manuel so excited that he jumps from Santiago’s mouth to his throbbing cock as he shoves that huge cock up his smooth ass. Manuel grabs his ass cheeks, spreads them wide open and grinds down balls deep onto Santiago’s hot cock. Manuel feels that he is too close to the edge and flips with Santiago, ramming his cock into that beautiful ass. Thrusting his cock in and out of Santiago’s ass, Manuel uses his torpedo cock to drive pleasure deep inside of Santiago with each new thrust. Santiago gets flipped onto his back and Manuel continues with his blitz of deep ass fucking. Both men are reaching their ultimate rub when Santiago flips Manuel and shoves his huge cock up his sleek ass. Santiago’s fucking brings them to the precipice of pleasure as both men rub out their creamy loads of cum.