Serious Ryan Fitt Wrestles Fucks Christian Hermes

Duration: 18:06 Views: 2.3K Submitted: 2 months ago Year: 2021
Description: Sometimes you take things too far in a relationship.While riding in the car after a beautiful but cold date night, Ryan challenged Christian to a little wrestling match to see who would walk the dog that night. Neither wanted the task, so they put on their singlets and wrestled for it. Christian knew he had no chance and decided to use his other talents instead to win the spot under the comfy covers. After wrestling on the ground a little, Christian gropes Ryan's cock before pulling the singlet down and sucking on it. Ryan prefers this to wrestling and lets Christians mouth go to work before he bends him over and fucks his ass. Christian is ready to get fucked and takes Ryan's dick with ease. They fuck all over the floor until Ryan pumps a hot load out of Christian. Ryan then strokes his dick until he cums on his own belly.