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Duration: 23:49 Views: 5.0K Submitted: 7 months ago Year: 2019
Description: (Models Alan Caine, Curtis Cameron). I'm not so interested in sports, unless it's the French Rugby team who all seem to be male models. Curtis Cameron is the sexy young thing becoming increasingly disappointed with the football, but it seems he just can't tear himself away from the game, until slim boy Alan Caine arrived to distract him with an offer of BoyFun. With the TV quickly silenced and his mouth meeting the plump kissable lips of his adorable football-loving friend he soon has Curtis distracted from the game, not a difficult task for a couple of horny twink boys like these. It's a sensual display as Alan takes charge, removing his friend's t-shirt, then his own, their smooth and slender bodies ready to be explored with sliding hands. Inevitably cocks are already throbbing with urgency in their pants, and with a quick maneuver well-practiced Alan has his friend's impressively engorged cock in his fist. A little stroking goes a long way, but the warmth of his wet sucking mouth on that delicious dick tip goes even further. Curtis has soon forgotten about the footie entirely as he closes his eyes and welcomes the sensual slurping of his incredible fuckstick, a pleasure he's eager to return the moment he gets the opportunity. Curtis has a lot of uncut dick to share, but his slim and ripped friend Alan has even more. With the glistening shaft pointing at his face he welcomes it into his mouth, sliding his lips up and down the delicious monolith, tasting the clear teen juices leaking from the bulbous tip. Such a youthful elixir can only lead to even more lustful thoughts, acted upon eagerly when Curtis lays down to welcome his friend's naked shaft between his slightly hairy butt cheeks. Alan pushes through the tight pucker, filling his buddy with his warm injection, fucking his pal from the side and behind, ramming through his goal and we pumps his dick in and out. It might be considered a hat trick as Curtis gets into the third and final position, on his back and wanking off while Alan thrusts up into him, hitting his prostate with precision, encouraging his friend to take them to the final minutes with a cum load gushing from his reddened rod. There may be no trophy to hold up but the celebratory explosion Alan delivers as he pulls his dick out and jacks his length to a splashing finale is certainly a well-earned reward. Good game lads, good game.