Rimi Morty & Rustie Port

Duration: 19:14 Views: 1.2K Submitted: 2 weeks ago Year: 2022
Description: Absolutely adorable Rustie Port may want to read but Rimi Morty has other plans. Rimi, dressed only in his underwear and a tank top, sits down on the sofa next to Rustie. Rimi interrupts Rustie's reading letting his hands slide up Rustie's legs where he starts massaging Rustie's bulging crotch. Rustie puts down his book, content to let Rimi's hands do some exploring. Rustie pulls off his shirt revealing a tight ripped chest. He lays face down on the sofa and Rimi gets to work massaging Rustie's neck and back. Rimi's hands move down towards Rustie's hot, plump ass. He pauses to take off his own shirt and then manages to get Rustie out of his shorts leaving both of them only in their underwear. Rimi continues massaging Rustie's backside, quickly deciding that Rustie's underwear has to go. With everything exposed, Rimi begins teasing Rustie's tight furry hole. Rustie apparently enjoys it because his cock is showing signs of growth. Rimi takes ahold of it and gently tugs at Rustie's foreskin. Rimi takes the time to massage Rustie's legs. When he gets to Rustie's feet Rimi pauses to give them some extra attention. Rimi has Rustie roll over exposing his thick, uncut cock which is now all plumped up from the attention he's been receiving. Rimi can't resist and leans over swallowing every inch of Rustie's manhood. In short order Rustie's cock is absolutely rock hard. He lays back, hands behind his head, enjoying the blowjob Rimi is giving him. Rimi uses his hands to pull at Rustie's nuts continuing to suck his cock. Rustie puts a hand on Rimi's head letting him know that he'd better slow down or he's going to get a surprise. Rimi doesn't slow down and Rustie convulses as he blows his load of jizz into Rimi's eager mouth. Rimi tries to swallow it all but that must have been quite the healthy size load as evidenced by the cream dripping from Rimi's mouth and then running down the shaft of Rustie's throbbing cock.