DP ME! Sc. 2

Duration: 26:46 Views: 2.0K Submitted: 1 month ago Year: 2020
Description: (Joel Tamir, Pavel Masters). Joel gets back only to find Pavel hasn't made lunch yet, even more so, Pavel is too busy playing his game to even notice Joel is talking to him! When he finally looses, Joel starts kissing him as he considers Pavel to be even cuter when he looses! With some passionate kisses and Joel's hand now down Pavel's trousers, Joel takes things a step further by removing Pavel's trousers and underwear, revealing his hard cock, which he doesn't doubt in servicing. After a while Pavel is also cock hungry, and sucks Joels cock before trying his ass, which he very much enjoys rimming. Pavel's meaty cock slides right into Joel, and with a merciless fuck Joel is soon shooting his load overhimself!