Daydream Of Dick (Alex Powelly, Tony Keit)

Duration: 24:46 Views: 2.1K Submitted: 1 week ago Year: 2021
Description: Twinky Tony Keit likes what he sees when he's checking out gorgeous little Alex Powelly online, and no one could blame him. He'd love to have some BoyFun with the stiff-dicked blond boy, but it seems his imagination can serve him well in this regard. With his hands groping his swelling cock he closes his eyes and imagines the two making out on the bed, becoming very close friends without a word having been said. In no time at all the fantasy becomes an intensely erotic scene as the boys strip down, Tony's hard young cock slipping between the experienced lips of the imaginary boy. It might be just a daydream but even this fictional twink can seemingly deliver endless pleasure with his imagined mouth. Soon enough Tony is gobbling on the gorgeous penis he's seen in those online photos, sucking on Alex's turgid cock and tasting the precum leaking from the bulging tip. With a little hole play Tony is ready to consider what it would feel like to have that veined and solid shaft sinking inside him, from behind. He knows not of Alex's skill when it comes to barebacking a fleshy twink hole but his imagination fills in the gaps with equal vigor. With a great ride on the fantasy boy's stiff young prong little Tony is close to spooging, laying back for a deeper fucking from the gorgeous guy, his own cock throbbing with delight as he wanks and rubs his tool. His fantasy could have ended as the cum launches from his cock to splash over his tight abs, but Tony won't be done with his daydream until he's had his fantasy boy's copious cum load slinging out all over his cute face and pouring into his waiting mouth. We're sure all it would take to make his dreams a reality is a quick cock pic and a DM.