Backroom #7

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Description: Hot House Backroom Volume 7 contains six sizzling scenes starring your favorite Hot House men and Backroom discoveries with the biggest cocks on the planet. From San Francisco flats to gritty warehouse tricks, these Backroom Exclusive Videos will get you off again and again. Fuck buddies C.J. Knight and Tristan Matthews rest from a night of dancing and debauchery. The next morning Tristan arouses C.J. out of his slumber with his soft touch and long cock. As the sun shines through the window and the birds start to chirp our pair start their morning by sucking cock, eating butt, getting fucked and then going to work. Justin Jameson contacted the Hot House Production team to inquire about Ross Hurston. Apparently the young blond had seen Ross online and wanted to do a scene with him. The director barely had a chance to turn on the camera before they were sucking each other's cocks. The versatile studs even got in a hot flip-flop fuck. Enterprising college student Jon Hunter came to the Backroom to earn some extra cash to help pay for his books. The director took one look at this horsehung, smooth, tattooed stud and shot him on the spot. Watch as he pulls on his fat pierced cock and shows off his muscular bubble-butt for you. Kyle Pierce confided that he wanted to get fucked by the biggest cock Hot House could find. As luck would have it, Jack London had been in a week earlier so they called him up to see if he was interested in making Kyle's dreams come true. After one look at Kyle's big brown eyes Jack was hooked - and after Kyle got a look at Jack's hammer, he was hooked, too. The Hot House team gets around a lot these days. As a matter of fact they just bumped into that hot boy next door, Cody Cummings. The chiseled, hung, straight superstar makes his Hot House debut in a sizzling Backroom Exclusive Video shot in a sunny loft in San Francisco. Cody takes his time getting naked and working his fat cock until he blows his load. Justin Jameson picks up cocky Ago Viara after a night of restless cruising. The two get down to business once the front door closes and their cocks are out. Justin makes it his mission to open Ago’s big white ass up with his big blond cock. Cody Cummings, Ago Viara, C.J. Knight, Jack London, Jon Hunter, Justin Jameson, Kyle Pierce, Ross Hurston, Tristan Mathews
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