Jeff Toibin - Solo

Duration: 13:09 Views: 16K Submitted: 7 years ago Year: 2013
Description: When I first met Jeff, I thought he’d make a good addition to our set of Kinky Angels. So after he shot his solo and photoset, I sat down to discuss his future. For over an hour I spoke about the industry’s ins and outs in an effort to coax him into working for us. I outlined everything I could: what’s on the table, what’s expected, how much he could earn, and how the process works. As he nodded studiously and promised to “think about it,” I was under the impression that what I’d just told him was being processed somewhere in his head. However, when my chauffeur arrived to pick him up, he nodded his head once again and stated, “I hope you weren’t talking about sex.” It doesn’t happen often that, after an hour’s explanation on the merits of shooting porn, someone turns to me and says he hopes we weren’t discussing porn. I don’t know whether this is a testament of his concerns or an extreme dose of innocence. Whatever the case, he left me slack-jawed with the promise that he would consult his mother. How this consultation ended (or will end), I don’t know. But if I know anything about mothers, then these discussions usually end with “no.”
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