Tyler Rawl - Casting #203

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Description: Description: Sebastian Young has a new guy in the studio whom he casted himself. Tyler is a bartender, so as Sebastian explains, “”he needs money. Bartenders always need money.” Sebastian approached him right at the bar about doing porn, and Tyler was all for it. Sebastian wastes no time getting tyler down on his cock. Tyler looks like a pro already with the way he sucks dick. Sebastian tells the casting director that Tyler sucks cock really well, and Tyler barely needs instruction. Tyler deep-throats, licks Sebastian’s balls, and then goes in to rim some ass. For a first-timer, Tyler is stellar so far. “I’ll tell you what, you’ve got some soft fucking lips!” exclaims Sebastian. Tyler insists that this is his first time sucking a cock. If so, he’s a damn fast learner. After some face fucking, it’s time to see whether Tyler can get fucked. For his first time getting it up the ass, Sebastian has Tyler sit on his dick. It takes a while for Tyler to get comfortable, but Sebastian is patient. Once Tyler’s hole is sufficiently ready, Sebastian flips Tyler over into missionary and begins with some steady deep strokes. Although he has used a toy in some anal play before, Tyler explains that it’s a lot bigger but that the raw dick feels a lot better. Tyler takes a short break, and then Sebastian goes back in, this time really giving it to him. Not only is Tyler a trooper, but his dick stays rock hard as he gets drilled. Sebastian slaps his ass and doesn’t hold back. He makes Tyler his bitch, fucking him in several positions before letting him know that he can cum. Tyler furiously jerks off as Sebastian barebacks him. As he gets close, Tyler’s eyes roll back into his head. Sebastian fucks him some more and then has Tyler kneel to the ground. He cums and has Tyler lick it all up, milking his cock to the last drop. Tyer is a virgin no more! Hot raw casting!
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