Gauge Xander - Casting #543

Duration: 27:43 Views: 63K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Description: Gauge is about to get fucked by Tyler, and he seems confident enough about it. He calms his nerves outside with Tyler as the casting director preps him on the scene. He has a bad-boy type look, with some scruff and longer hair. Overall, he is sexy and looks like he would be fun to hang around. The director is excited about seeing this guy get pounded. Gauge has been fucked before, but only a few times. He isn’t sure what to expect, but he thinks he will do well. Once in the studio, Gauge says that he is nervous yet excited. He thinks it might hurt, but he isn’t sure. Tyler is going to fuck him, and he must have been looking forward to it. As Gauge pulls Tyler’s pants down, Tyler’s dick is already standing at attention. Gauge is on his knees already, and he gives Tyler some mean head. They both end up sucking each other in a few positions, including a 69. These two studs both are hard as bricks, and the build up toward the fucking is great. Theses two performers are new to the biz, but they already are looking like seasoned pros! Gauge takes it in doggie position first, and although he loosens up fairly quickly, he looks a bit uncomfortable. Nevertheless, he stays hard with a raw cock inside of him. “It hurts a little,” Gauge says of the fucking, but he is a trooper, and the horny duo soon move to missionary. Gauge proves that he can definitely take a dick: soon the fucking gets harder and deeper. Tyler even picks Gauge up off the ground and keeps fucking as Gauge’s legs wrap around his waist! For his final position, Gauge rides it. He looks damn good. This casting is turning out to be extremely productive. When it comes time for Gauge to bust a nut, he can barely contain himself. Although he was supposed to cum in Tyler’s mouth, he winds up cumming in his own hand. Tyler then jerks of all over Gauge’s face, and even gets some cum in Gauge’s hair. When quizzed about his first time getting fucked on camera, all that Gauge can say is that it hurts. He must have really enjoyed that pain, though, because even after his cumshot he remains rock hard! This recruit will definitely be getting a callback.