Sebastian Young Gives it Bare to Andrew Collins

Duration: 14:49 Views: 19K Submitted: 4 years ago Year: 2014
Description: Sebastian Young finds Andrew Collins sleeping in his bed, and he becomes quite irate. When he finds out that Andrew just wants some dick, his attitude becomes aggressive in a more sexual way, however. After ripping off young Andrew’s shirt, he whips out his cock and shoves it into Andrew’s mouth. Andrew takes to Sebastian’s cock like a calf to a teat, and he sucks dick with such verve that he can barely catch his breathe! As Sebastian reclines, he mouth-fucks Andrew until he is gagging and gasping for air. Having had enough of Andrew’s throat, Sebastian commands Andrew to sit on his dick, which Andrew does without delay. Andrew rides Sebastian’s rock hard cock like the dick hungry power bottom that he is, and Sebastian is loving every second of his raw warm asshole. He wants to be in a more controlling position, though, so he bends Andrew over the bed, grabs his hips, and begins to slam fuck Andrew. Of course Andrew, with his face buried in the mattress, is screaming and moaning loudly, but only because he likes getting dicked so hard! Every few seconds, Sebastian slaps his ass or shoves his head further into the sheets, fucking as if he hasn’t had a hot young ass in months. Throughout this intensely hot fuck, Sebastian keeps calling Andrew his “bitch,” and Andrew definitely is just that. Sebastian just throws him around the bed like a rag doll towards the end of the fuck, as he is getting closer to climax. As he drives his cock rapidly into Andrew’s hole, Andrew gushes a huge load of cum. Sebastian then pulls out and cums all over Andrew’s completely used-up hole, then tells him to get out of his house. Aggressive bareback fuck!