Tristan - Solo

Duration: 17:40 Views: 13K Submitted: 4 years ago Year: 2015
Description: GROWTH SPURTING WITH SEAN CODY’S TRISTAN The more I watched Sean Cody’s newbie Tristan, the he grew on me. First, he showed some literal growth, as his soft penis went from small to pretty damn big. (The photos in this gallery do not do his size any justice. Watch the clip to see this big boy.) Second, he spewed out a pumped out a load in his first “on bat”, which just got bigger and bigger. It’s something to see that jizz puddled about his ripped abs. Third, while not the brightest man out there (“Wow. It’s warmer when the sun is shining!” he declares as he soaks in the pool) he has a good helping of broad, Mid-West charm. Fourth, he’s got a rock solid body and a handsome, (younger) Josh Brolin-esque face. Fifth, though he was a bit coy about it, at least he didn’t pretend he’s never had sex with a guy (“there has been a time,” he said vaguely, “But I’m just going to leave the rest up to your imagination.”) Odds of Returning: 100%. It all adds up, doesn’t it?