Introducing Sam Ledger

Duration: 43:27 Views: 1.4K Submitted: 1 week ago Year: 2022
Description: Models Silas Brooks and Sam Ledger. ////// Sexy Silas Brooks introduces new boy, Sam Ledger with a fun, erotic interview. The tasty twink is originally from Hawaii, and is a wild, free spirit. This naughty nomad travels constantly in his van, is a pretty boy power bottom who, "loves to get railed," and this is his first studio film! The boys chat about Sam's sizzling public sex adventure, then Ledger let's Brooks know, he's heard about his big dick! From there, all bets are off, and the boys get busy with passionate kisses, gropes and licks during a salacious strip down. They inspect their protruding packages with wandering hands; and, Silas can't wait to taste the newbie's bulging bone! He kneels and receives a fire hot face-fuck from the 20 year old hottie, and his perfectly curved cock. Anxious get to at Silas' rock hard jock, Sam sneaks down to his knees, and inhales the mighty member with mouth watering abandon. Hell bent on breaking the new dude in good, Brooks leads the boy to the bed, bends him over, and dives into one of the most delicious asses in town. With his target tongue-tenderized, Brooks breaks in the boy's beautiful back door with his extra thick dick, and gets right to work! Ledger arches his back like a bitch in heat, and Silas, remembering what he said during the interview, rails that incredible ass like a monster! Wanting to show every sexy side of Sam, Brooks tells the tight bodied twink he's gonna ride him, and boy does he! He bounces that famous bubble on Sam's sizable slab like a beast, while Ledger smashes his hips up hard to deliver a down right delicious dicking. So delicious, in fact, that Silas can't hold back! He grabs his girthy groin, and milks it for all its worth, splattering the newbie with an epic load of nut! Wanting to bust with Brooks' beefy bone up his butt, Ledger gets laid out once more, by Silas' unstoppable cock! Brooks smashes the new dude's horny hole proper, causing Ledger to launch an epic load of fresh, new guy nut all over his tight, tan torso, and crotch! Brooks leans in, and kisses the cutie for a grade A, amazing first scene! Welcome to Helix Sam!